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Edenpixel brings you the hottest gadget blogs. Technology surrounds us and we cannot live without it.┬áNew gizmos are invented all the time and the most trivial of devices are now smart, with an electronic chip for a ‘brain’.

Gadgets are getting more sophisticated and demand is high. So the challenge is, be better but smaller.

Every two years, processing power doubles. So in two years, an electronic device will have a double performance.

During the first landing on the moon, computers had a processor no better than a mere Casio analog watch. A field of particular interest recently is ‘Artificial Intelligence’ – intelligence exhibited by machines.

Gadgets are increasingly being used in almost all industry types.



Virgin Galactic Spaceship 2

Some companies have introduced the ipad to it’s cockpit, operated by pilots to carry out numerous performance calculations including the configuration of the aircraft’s take-off.

Also, Virgin has unveiled a full-scale model of it’s Galactic Spaceship 2 where the price for a ticket to space will cost $ 175,000




Sensor gadgets are revolutionizing the agricultural sector. These precision instruments fit on drones and allow crops-health monitoring. This tracks the evolution of crops and estimates yield potential, resulting in higher end profits.


In China, 3-D printed houses are being built. The concept of 3-D printing has gone mainstream, printing toys to large-scale houses. One other exciting new idea is a roadway that charges electric vehicles. The technology to charge a stationed electric car exists. The next step is to charge moving vehicles. No more refueling stations!




Today’s generation is already moving towards the digital age and it is very common to find tablets being used in schools across all age groups. We are also likely to see intelligent robot tutors and automated marking of exam papers soon.


‘Engkey’ robot teaches South Korean students english



Wearable gadgets like wrist-bands are able to monitor an individual’s metrics. Remote operation allows the consumer to be healthy away from a health organisation.

The iewei wellness wristband




Manufacturing Automation

Robots are being created to redefine industrial automation. One of these robots is named ‘Baxter’. Baxter tackles the following conventions:

  • expensive
  • difficult to program
  • dangerous

Baxter starts at a price of about $25,000 and can be programmed through a touch-screen interface without complex programming. The robot is also armed with sensors that detects people for safety.


Baxter can do almost anything you want it to!



Robohon, a robotic smartphone

The Japanese electronics manufacturer Sharp released ‘Robohon’, a robotic smartphone in late 2016. The region is up to par in both robotics as well as smartphones. It is interesting to see market leaders trying to make the best of two worlds.








The applications of quadrotors in aerospace has only just scratched the surface. Amazon plans on using quadrotors to deliver packages to the consumer, sometime in the near future.
In 2014, the technology of helicopters and motorcycles was combined resulting in the invention of the hover bike.
One solution addressing congested city roads are overhead cars. Another technology called hyperloop claims to move between cities a hundred kilometres apart within just 10 minutes.

A home-made hover bike!
Hyperloop concept









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