Biography of Famous People

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 Biography of Famous People

Edenpixel is a collection of your favorite characters; from superheroes, to wrestlers, boxers and gaming characters. Read all you need to know; their childhood, achievements, pictures and personal lives.

All in all, the biographies of most famous people have one thing in common; consistent determination. Michael Jordan was rejected from his school team, Walt Disney was said to have lacked imagination and Albert Einstein’s teachers said he would “never amount to much”.




Every biography of someone famous has a story to tell. The defining opportunity. The cheating stories. The hardest of days. Edenpixel continously adds people profiles; the most sought after.

The list includes biographies of famous people from all spheres of life, ranging from the Twentieth to the Twenty First Century.These popular personalities have excelled in their fields and come from all over the world; UK, India as well as virtual characters.










Dreams + Hard Work + Dedication = Success

Success is achieved in almost anything people put their time and effort to either academically or sport. But with time, competition increases, and achieving stature in today’s age has it’s hurdles compared to yesterday’s hurdles.

Another major factor of people becoming famous is timing. Take a mobile phone for example. If you brought a mobile phone to the caveman centuries back, he would have thrown it back at you. If you however brought a wheel to him instead, he would have deemed you a mastermind.

People see the flashy lifestyles of celebrities and other famous individuals and think they have always had it that way. What they do not realize, is by analysing these biographies, becoming popular and rich takes many years of struggle. Some famous people have grown up in broken homes and have had little to start with.












When the taste of wealth kicks into someone, it usually changes them. They see everything differently. People start to pay more attention to detail and become more cold not caring about others’ feelings but seek gain. On the contrary, it’s the people at the bottom of the hierarchy that show most humility. Someone homeless on the streets is more likely to give you comprehensive directions you ask for than someone rich and famous you bump into.

Most famous people go by the motto “Time is money”.



Some Motivational Biographies




Nelson Mandela – He had the courage to fight the apartheid system. He was sentenced to serve 20 years in prison but finally released to lead a free South Africa.







Winston Churchill – It was Britain that stood alone against Nazi Germany in 1940. Despite some in Britain who sought a deal with Hitler, Churchill wanted to fight and he was an inspiration to a country through their dark times.





Malala Yousafzai (1997 – ) – She defied threats from Taliban to campaign for education. Malala was shot in the head by the Taliban but went on to become a global advocate for human rights, women’s rights and the right to education.






There are numerous pages on the web about the biography of famous people.



The above is a good source of biographies to learn about famous people from celebrities, history & culture and crime & scandal. Although there is no alphabetic structure of the list of stars, a name search shows all the site’s content from videos to similar alternatives.